Level 85 Alliance Mage Tells of His Quest to Make 200 Gold/Hour!


The WoW Gold Guide On How To Make Easy World of Warcraft Gold

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Welcome Friend,

You have chanced upon the Gold Making Guide of Marcus Ty, a level 85 Alliance Mage from the World of Warcraft and servant to the Argent Dawn.

This is my last entry, writ from the blood of my wounds as I lay beside Light's Hope Chapel with the resurrection sickness upon me.

But a single quest has brought me here:

And That Quest Is For Gold!

World Of Warcraft Gold!

For these are dangerous times and the need for an epic wow gold guide is great. For as you know, gold is needed for so many things in the land of Azeroth:

  • WoW Gold for fast steeds
  • WoW Gold for epic mounts
  • WoW Gold for superior armour
  • WoW Gold for potions
  • WoW Gold for superior weapons
  • WoW Gold for power leveling

So great is the need, that some members of the Guild sought to buy wow gold with coin from foreign lands.

What madness!

Don't buy WoW Gold!

It's there for the taking!

A great argument ensued with the Guild split between those wanting to buy cheap wow gold and those bent on making easy wow gold. It shouldn't be difficult to make enough gold, I argued. I have heard it said that some make 200 gold an hour without cheats or hacks! Hence, it fell to me to seek out the great wow gold guides of Azeroth and the Outlands and to bring them back to the Guild.

And so I traveled the length and breadth of the two great lands in search of the great gold making guides of the World of Warcraft, learning gold making hints and tips from both Horde and Alliance factions alike. I even joined the The Burning Crusade.

Now listen closely, Friend

Contained within my journal are the gold secrets I have collected on my travels:

  • Strategies for low level players to make gold fast
  • Money making professions and how to use them
  • Auction House strategies to dominate the market
  • Sought after patterns, recipes, designs and cards
  • How I put the claims of the Gold Masters to the test
  • My favorite Gold Grinding spots

But my time is short and fearing that my secrets would fall into the decaying hands of the scourge, I tore out and scattered many pages of my journal to the four winds of the Eastern Plaguelands.

And so, my friend, should you find my broken body close to the Light's Hope Chapel, take what remains of my journal and complete my quest.

Find the missing pages!

Seek World of Warcraft Gold Mastery!

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The secrets contained in this Journal will bestow a great gold making advantage to you and your Guild, whether you be Horde or Alliance. So guard them well.

For the Alliance!
Marcus Ty

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