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Over the many years I’ve been playing World of Warcraft, I’ve bought, read and reviewed many a guide. Some guides have been free, like the one you’re reading now, and many have been commercial products.

Some of the guides I’ve bought over the years have been very good, while some have been not so good. Those commercial guides I have enjoyed and I think add to the game, I’m happy to promote on this site. I do this via my ‘affiliate link’.

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An affiliate link tells the owner of the site your visiting that I sent you. Some, but not all, of the guides I promote are via affiliate links. For those that are, I get compensated from the owner of the guide should you decide to buy. These commissions pay for the site and enable me to offer the contents and services of wowgoldmastery free of charge. Of course, you're under no obligation to buy any of the guides on offer or to take part in any of the promotions. But if you do decide to buy a guide I promote, I hope that you will buy from my link and help keep the site a going concern.

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I’m always happy to receive feedback. To do so, simply reply to any of my emails. People are always amazed when they get a reply!

Enjoy the Journal of Marcus Ty and see you in Azeroth.

Marcus Ty

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