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In Need Of A WoW Guide

When I first started playing World of Warcraft I chose as my first character an Alliance Mage of Stormwind. After trying to level my character for a little while I soon came to realize the vastness of Azeroth, and that I might need some help with the many professions and quests that were out there if I was ever to get my character to a descent level . After much scurrying around from location to location for several months, gold poor and not yet at level 30, it dawned on me that maybe a World of Warcraft Guide might not be a bad idea!

Now you might be a clever dick with bags of time on your hands and wow gold to spare, but for many of us regular Joe’s, who are time poor as well as gold poor, spending 8 hours a day grinding our way through the levels to our epic mount isn’t an option. We need to level faster.

For many players, leveling up to their first mount, is when the game starts to get interesting. Time is no longer wasted running from city to city or begging Mages (ha, ha) for a portal. But getting to that first milestone of level 30 and having enough gold to buy a mount are two different things. Hence, you’ll find two main type of guide out there: WoW Gold Guides and WoW Powerleveling Guides.

I discuss both types of guide and how they are used within the game on this site. I should also add, that for those guides that I'm happy to promote, I'm also an affiliate.

Best WoW Guide

Now it takes time and effort to write a best selling World of Warcraft guide that anyone can understand, is nicely laid out and written in something that resembles your native language.

The best wow guides are written by experienced gamers who have researched the nooks and crannies of the World of Warcraft and, in my experience, are both knowledgeable at making wow gold and speed leveling a character.

Oh, yes. They have to be able to write!

Avoid The WoW Scams

Having eventually leveled my Mage to lvl 30, it was time to buy my first mount. But you guessed it - I had no gold.

So I plucked up courage and bought a wow gold making guide on ebay for a few dollars. And I bought a dud. I guess for the price, I got the guide I paid for!

There are lots of WoW scams out there, especially when it comes to dud guides. Given the time and effort that goes into writing a wow guide, you would expect to pay at least the price equivalent of a couple of large pizzas! I’m not saying that all guides out on ebay are duds, just that buyer beware and you get what you pay for.

WoW Powerleveling Guides

There are few, well respected leveling guides out there now and some have been around for some time. The newer level-faster guides tend to come complete with addons to assist in the quest element of the game. The older style leveling guides - while still good - still rely on a basic quest commentary to assist players level faster.

Read my section on Powerleveling Guides.

WoW Gold Guides

There are several very good WoW Gold Guides on the market - and some very bad ones. The best WoW Guides have been written by experienced gamers and have well crafted products. Some wow guides are now making use of video.

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Wrath of the Lich King

Ove the coming weeks I'll be adding new content to my guide as the WotLK expansion is released.

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